What to Expect


Our Sunday morning services at Crestwood are at 10:00am each week. These services typically last 75-90 minutes. We celebrate the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper on the first and third Sunday of every month at this service. You will find that these services are mostly comprised of reading and explaining the Bible, praying, and singing. Each Sunday service is organized around a particular theme – an aspect of God’s character or work that we focus on that particular day.


Each week we learn about God by reading from the Bible, we worship God in response to who He is, we confess our sins in prayer and we’re assured that we are forgiven, and we listen to a message where the Bible is explained and applied to our lives. Most importantly, every week we hear the Good News about Jesus – that no matter where we’ve come from or what we’ve done, our sins are forgiven, we’re accepted into God’s family, and we’re given eternal life if we believe in Jesus.


The music in our worship services is a blend of the traditional and the contemporary. We consider the Psalms to be an essential element of vital Christian worship. Most Sundays, we will sing at least one song either taken directly from the Psalms or adapted from them. We sing both older hymns and newer worship songs. Our musical accompaniment usually consists of piano and guitar, though bass and drums make frequent appearances, too. We believe that praising God in song is a group activity, so our musicians lead and complement the voices in the church but they don’t overpower them.


You’ll find a wide range of dress at Crestwood on Sunday mornings. Some people dress very casually while others come in a dress or with a dress shirt and tie. We intentionally leave that decision to the individual’s conscience. Chances are, no matter how you dress, you won’t feel out of place.


After the service, we offer snacks, finger foods, and coffee in the church hall. It’s an opportunity to spend time together, talk, and meet new people. Especially if you’re new to Crestwood, we encourage you to join us so we can get to know and welcome you.


Our evening service is at 6:00pm. It’s generally a scaled-down version of our morning service. We will typically sing songs, spend time in group prayer, and have a short message from Scripture. These services usually last 50-60 minutes.