Getting Involved

If you’re settling into Crestwood Church and want to make it your church home, there are several ways to get involved in the life and fellowship of Crestwood.



While the idea of formally becoming a member of a church can be somewhat unpopular these days, we believe it is important for the health, transparency, and vitality of the church. The Christian life is not meant to be lived merely as a set of individual beliefs, but as a part of a community of other believers. In the Old Testament, God’s people comprised an entire nation. In the New Testament, with believers all over and not just confined to one place, God’s people met together, wherever they were, for encouragement, prayer, accountability, and teaching. They were instructed to keep on meeting together as an assembly (Heb. 10:24-25). In membership, we make promises to each other. We, as a church, promise to pray for you, encourage you, and help you however we can. As members, we promise to commit ourselves to this local group of believers, we promise to work together in the church’s worship and work, we promise to listen to teaching and correction, and we promise to look out for each other for the sake of truth and peace.


Fellowship Groups

At Crestwood, we want Christians to be able to grow deeper in their love for God, in their knowledge and application of his Word, and in their care for each other and for their neighbours. It’s difficult to do all of that within a two hour span on Sunday mornings alone. So, we have fellowship groups that meet in different homes on different days, usually twice a month, for further study, prayer, fellowship, and service in a more intimate and personal setting. This is a great way to meet new people and deepen friendships.



The activities on Sunday morning and throughout the week at Crestwood require involvement from many people. On Sunday morning alone, there are people involved in greeting at the door, playing music or singing in worship, operating the audio-visual equipment, watching children in the nursery, preparing and serving food for fellowship time, and teaching Sunday School. Throughout the week there are fellowship groups and Bible studies, meals are prepared and delivered to individuals or families who need them, visits are made to the homebound, to people in nursing homes, or in the hospital, and work is done on the church property. It speaks well of the vibrancy of the faith of this community to see people give their time and energy.



Crestwood Church is committed to seeing the good news of Jesus continue to spread in our city and throughout the world. For this reason, we financially support numerous missionaries and church planters working for the gospel and for the good of their communities in Canada and around the world. We have a committee that keeps in touch with those we support, who prays for them and presents their needs to the church. Crestwood is also involved in local outreach programs like Hope Mission here in Edmonton, the largest organization providing shelter, food, care, and support for the homeless population of our city. Every two or three years, Crestwood also sends a team of people on short-term trips to partner with other Christians in other places in the cause of the gospel. We’ve previously sent teams to West Virginia to winterize houses and help run a Vacation Bible School, to Kingston, Jamaica to work with a school for the deaf, to New York City to volunteer at a summer program for inner city children, and to El Salvador to work with a homeless mission and two orphanages.